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Kwik Shop on Telegraph Road in Davenport has closed temporarily after an employee there tested positive for the coronavirus.

In a press release announced on Sunday, Kwik Shop and their parent company EG Group, said that an employee at the Kwik Shop located at 2805 Telegraph Road in Davenport, tested positive for COVID-19. In their press release, Kwik Shop said that they are taking all the necessary steps and following guidance given to them by local health officials in Davenport.

Officials from Kwik Shop said in their press release,

We closed the store at [9:00 A.M. CDT] on Sunday June 21st to be cleaned and sanitized by an industrial cleaning crew. The store will re-open in the next few days. We are grateful to all our customers for your patience and understanding during this time.

There has been no word on when the Kwik Shop on Telegraph Road will reopen. Employees of that Kwik Shop have been notified of the positive employee, and are being recommended to follow CDC guidelines.

There are 10 Kwik Shop locations in the Quad Cities. They are all on the Iowa side. Below is a map of all the Kwik Shop locations. When the Kwik Shop of Telegraph Road reopens, we will keep you up to date.

For more press releases about Kwik Shop and EG Group brands, visit their website by clicking here. 

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