Back in the 1990s a map of every state and possible targets for attacks were made public. Today you can see everyone of these maps online. This is what we see for Wisconsin. The site goes on to state,

At the bottom of this page is the 1990 FEMA nuclear target map for Illinois. It was just a conceptual map about the nuclear threat. Even an all-out nuclear war - did not by any means mean that every site would be hit. For some states VERY FEW and POSSIBLY / PROBABLY NONE of the sites will be hit but others may have some very significant targets. Because circumstances have changed since 1990 some of the targets in many of the maps should be removed and possibly there are others that should be added.

You can see that map here.


The Changes Through The Years

Obviously throughout the years things change. While some things have stayed the same since 1990, 2024 will see some changes. At the time of writing this the Census reports that Wisconsin has a population of 5,910,955. In 1990 that number was 4,891,769.

Other changes included how this list had The Zion Nuclear Generating Station as a target, this location was closed in 1998. This plant was located in Illinois but was close enough to Wisconsin to be seen as a threat that could negatively affect Wisconsin.


Nuclear Targets In Wisconsin

Superior Wisconsin - Many Military bases like the National Guard Armory, US Air Force Civil Air Patrol are close or in Superior. The Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center and the  Richard I. Bong Memorial Airport are close enough to make this whole area a target in the state.

Racine -  This city is the headquarters of a number of industries, including J. I. Case heavy equipment, S. C. Johnson & Son cleaning and chemical products, Dremel Corporation, Reliance Controls Corporation time controls and transfer switches, Twin Disc, and Arthur B. Modine heat exchangers. You can learn more here.

Milwaukee - It is a big city close to other targets, so as far as nuclear fallout goes, this would be a target.

Madison - Not a major target in the 90s or today, but as the capital of Wisconsin it is worth mentioning, and putting on this list.

Current Nuclear Power Plants - Power plants have always been targets more times than none. The current plants include the Point Beach Nuclear Plant, the La Crosse Boiling Water Reactor, and Kewaunee. Luckily for La Crosse and Kewaunee, only the Point Beach nuclear power plant is currently reported as operational.

509th Operations Group // Wikimedia Commons

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