Okay, hear me out... the best time to take a vacation is when there are fewer people around. We all hate the lines for attractions, or people crowding our favorite spots, so why not go in late August? My family use to do this every year when we were younger and some places were like ghost towns.

Some spots are great to go to in late August, and there aren't too far away from the Quad Cities.

My Experience

While many theme parks stay plenty busy in August, if you go right when school starts there will be fewer people and fewer kids. I know this is obvious, but many parents feel like taking a kid out of class in the first week might be a bad idea... not my parents, in fact, I remember how excited I was to get to miss a day of school right after summer. If you do this, here are some spots to check out.

Vacation Spots

Some spots that can really clear up in late August are as follows,

Wisconsin Dells

We all know about the Dells, but this spot is perfect for a week-long trip, or just a quick weekend stop. It has countless different indoor activities, and many of the parks offer great deals for families. Plus many of the water parks, theme parks, and stores are still open in August. Here are some great spots to check out.


Mt. Olympus

Kalahari Resorts

Chula Vista

Wilderness Resort

Lost Island Waterpark: 

The numbers back up this ranking too. They actually ranked number two in the nation when it comes to outdoor waterparks. They also now have a theme park.

We are honored to be voted #2 in USA Today's 10 Best Outdoor Waterparks in the US for 2022!! Thank you to all who voted for us! We look forward to another season of making memories with your families!

Connor Kenney
Connor Kenney


Just over two hours away in Altoona Iowa, Adventureland offers a lot of fun, especially when the lines are shorter. There is also a casino nearby as well for the adults.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Just remember. It is never too late to go on vacation!

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