It has to be tough to be a kid and not have a party with your friends and extended family.

One birthday got creative in LeClaire as the LeClaire Fire Department and Police helped little Beckett celebrate his 6th birthday.

LeClaire FD posted on their FB page, if they knew of a birthday in town they'd be happy to drive by, honk horns, ring the sirens and pose for a picture from a safe distance. That's just what they did for three local kids in LeClaire.

On a sunny afternoon last week, the fire truck started the birthday parade complete with flashing lights and sirens, and at least 30-40 cars followed with the LeClaire PD bringing up the rear.

Cars were bedecked and bedazzled with 'Happy Birthday Beckett' signs and posters. Some friends dropped presents in the driveway while maintaining a safe distance. Everyone was cheering and yelling 'happy birthday' with plenty of horns honking.


It's not a traditional birthday, but this isn't a traditional time we live in right now. Seeing the love from the local PD, FD, and community brought a lump in my throat. I'm hoping it also warmed the heart of little Beckett.

Beckett and his mom /Tami/Townsquare Media
Beckett and his mom
/Tami/Townsquare Media
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