As a kid I absolutely loved LEGO growing up. It played a major role in my childhood, and as my sister grew up I saw that she loved it as well. Over the years I found myself buying more and more sets, and the next thing I knew, I was building a Lego city with my sister.

The first city I built on my own at my house, but I took it down. I then moved it all to my parents where my sister and I worked on our new city, with other projects in the works as well.

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We post updates on the city on my Twitter here.

This type of toy is incredibly therapeutic and is a great way to connect with family. While LEGO is a bit pricy, a great starting point is always the fake versions of LEGO that are much cheaper. That is how my sister first got started.

I also post updates on TikTok, posting videos allow us to show more in quick snippets.

@jaketruemper100 Reply to @cantthinkofaname.72 heck yes! It’s a bit slow right now, but we’ve got some big stuff on the way 😄 #lego #legostarwars #foryou #jaketruemper ♬ Steven Universe - L.Dre

How Long Has It Taken?

My sister and I have been working on this city for a few months now. But we have spent many weekends, and hours on it. We are also still "working" on it from time to time. I grabbed a few pics of what it looks like right now. Once Summer hits we will most likely buy new sets and rebuild the whole city.

The rebuild has us keep buildings we built that we got right, and like. We then destroy the ones that are ugly or could be built better while adding new ones.

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Do you build with LEGO? Send us your pictures on our App!

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