The Quad Cities is seeing another business close, but not one that will last. On February 25th LemonGrass Cafe announced that they would be closed for the month of March. While it is brief, many were sad to see this spot close it's doors, but the Moline business gave two reasons for their brief closure.  One of the reasons is truly beautiful to see.

The First Reason

This reason is one we've seen before by plenty of spots who want to change things up. LemonGrass plans to refresh the interior design and menu. They went on to say,

Hello Friends! The LemonGrass Cafe will be Closed for the month of March. It's an opportunity to refresh the interior design and menu.

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The Second Reason

This reason is truly great to see because you don't usually see a business promote this for their staff. LemonGrass is encouraging reconnection with family,


More importantly, it's an opportunity for our LemonGrass family to re-connect with their roots in Thailand. So many life-changing events have taken place, here and there, in the past years, and now it's time for our QC LemonGrass family to go and share sorrows and joys with their Thailand families. Bring our good wishes with you, and return safely!

It'll be great to see this spots new design, and friendly staff next month. LemonGrass Cafe is located on 5th Ave in Moline Illinois. They have a wide variety of food for you to try next April. You can follow, and learn more about LemonGrass here.

Safe travels to the LemonGrass staff!

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