Keep your eye on Downtown Davenport; a new place to eat is coming to town!

The owners of LemonGrass Cafe in Moline are expanding over the river to create a whole new restaurant. This one, according to their Facebook page, is called Miss Phay Cafe. Per the  announcement, it's similar to LemonGrass, but its goal is to bring "a new, multicultural perspective on Asian cuisine."

There's no official opening date yet, but the post notes that it will be before the year is out. It'll be located next to the Old City Hall, according to WQAD. The exact address is expected to be 512 Brady St.

That said, that's actually a pretty big building. So, per WQAD's report, there could also be apartments on the second and third floor and two commercial spaces on the first. It's hard to know for sure until everything is a bit more built and final.

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