The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation might have to auction off historic artifacts related to President Lincoln including his iconic stovepipe hat. This according to an article published on In 2007 the foundation took out a $23 million loan to buy the Barry and Louise Taper collection, the largest  private collection of Lincolniana. Now the foundation finds themselves $10 million short, and is considering selling items to pay the bill.

The Barry and Louise Taper collection includes: One of Lincoln's stovepipe hats. More than one hundred notes written by Mr. or Mrs. Lincoln. Personally owned books, prints, newspapers and assassination-related materials. In addition to his hat, identifies an 1824 book containing the first known example of his handwriting and a pair of blood stained gloves that he wore the night of his assassination.

I'd hate to see the Lincoln Presidental LIbrary Foundation have to sell any of these artifacts. It's part of history. Lincoln's history, Illinois' history, our history.

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