Located a few miles west of Festina Iowa you'll find something small. So small in fact that it is a record holders. Welcome to the world's Smallest Church. Travel Iowa went on to say,

If you go to the St. Anthony of Padua Chapel with a large group, you’ll have to take turns getting in. Because the world’s SMALLEST church is only 12 x 16 feet and has seating for just eight people. But trust us, the wait will be totally worth it.


The History

This holy site goes all the way back to the 1800s and follows a mothers love and dedication to her family. Their website goes on to say,

St. Anthony of Padua Chapel or the “World’s Smallest Church” seats 8 people, has a 12 x 16 foot interior, normal sized doorway and pews, and 30-ft. +steeple. Built in 1886 to honor a mother’s vow to build a chapel if her son returned safely from the Napoleonic War.

This spot is privately owned and open during daylight hours.

Is It Really The Worlds Smallest Church?

Here is where things get a bit tricky. According to Iowans this is in fact the smallest church in the world. In fact it's even called that in the Midwest, but if you Google the "worlds smallest church" Some other results pop up.

Yep that's a church in south Africa...

Huh... that isn't Iowa either.

I actually found ten different spots claiming to have the smallest church on in the world. It appears that the biggest argument is between three church with the winner usually going to Iowa or Spain,

The world's smallest church is that of Santa Isabel de Hungría, in Colomares, a monument to Christopher Columbus at Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain. It is irregular in shape and has a total floor area of 1.96 m² (2 11/8 ft²).

As an Iowan though I will always pick St. Anthony of Padua Chapel.

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