As a graduate of Loyola University Chicago I'm biased, but I think if you're alma mater isn't still in the tournament you should jump on the Ramblers bandwagon. The Ramblers have played fun, engaging and occasionally heart stopping basketball this post season. The games are close. The team never quits. And they execute a good game plan.

Neither my wife Kathy or I are big basketball fans. Yet, how the Ramblers play, and how they've kept the tournament games close makes watching the games fun. And I mean watching the entire game, not just the final couple minutes of the game.

It's fun to root for the underdog, and the men from Loyola Chicago are just that. Add in the stories about team chaplain Sister Jean and how they've achieved this level of success and it's hard to not like them. So go ahead, join the Loyola Ramblers bandwagon, at least for the game against Nevada Thursday at 6:00PM. I think we're in for a very good game!

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