Luke Combs and his wife Nicole are expecting their second baby boy, and that means two under two: The couple are also parents to son Tex, who was born in June 2022 and will be about 15 months old when his little brother arrives.

That close age gap was a little intimidating to Nicole when she first found out she was pregnant again, the singer's wife admitted during a fan Q&A on her Instagram stories on Wednesday (March 22.)

"It was a bit of a shock but I've been getting A LOT of encouraging DMs from people who have children similar months apart," she wrote. "It's really gotten me more & more excited. I hope they're best friends like my sister and I."


Elsewhere in the Q&A, Nicole said that she and Combs don't have any names in mind just yet — "Not even one. Boy names are TOUGH," she wrote — but reveals that she had a hunch about what the sex of the second baby would be, even before he officially found out it was a boy. "I thought it was a girl for so long & then one day woke up and was 100% positive it was a boy. Same thing with Tex, so crazy!" she wrote.


She also explained that she's faring better in terms of pregnancy symptoms this time around, "but the nausea is no joke," and added that she is feeling a little bit nervous about the timing of her due date, since it's pretty close to days when Combs is scheduled to be performing international stops on his 2023 world tour.


"Not going to lie, yeah," Nicole said, in response to a question about whether the timing of the tour makes her nervous. "Mostly bc I'm due between Australia & Europe. Cutting it kinda close." Combs wraps his Australia dates on Aug. 26, and the tour will pick back up in Norway on Sept. 30, while Nicole is due sometime in the month of September.

No matter what, though, it doesn't seem likely that those shows will be canceled. "Don't worry, the shows will go on!" Nicole wrote in another slide.

The country star couple shared their exciting news with a social media montage featuring baby Tex, who wore a shirt reading "Big Brother" across the back. The pregnancy announcement was set to a new, fatherhood-centric song from Combs called "Take You With Me," which he's planning to release on Friday (March 24.)

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