There are a lot of ways to decide when to put up your holiday and Christmas lights. Some people wait till after Thanksgiving, while others do it right after Halloween... now that's really spooky.

Many Americans wait for one big moment.

Nicole S. Young

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Now, this is more of a Midwestern tradition, but the main thing people wait for is snow. It's a great sign to get those lights up!

Once It Snows People Put up Their Lights

Jochen Sand

Most of the time it usually doesn't snow until late November, so it works out. For many, they wait to put up decorations after the first snowfall, or after Thanksgiving. Usally it's whichever one happens first.

Now it might seem weird to put up lights after it snows seeing as that snow is just going to make things harder, but in a weird way, the snow is the inspiration for these decoration artists.

Even those who throw a few candy canes in the year can't help but be inspired by that snow.

Village Christmas

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Now that many areas in the QCA are seeing snow, it's time to start decorating! I'm sure the thanksgiving turkey will understand.

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