You might assume that there's plenty of food & shelter for the wildlife along our mighty rivers in the Quad Cities...but you'd be wrong.  Hardwood trees have either been chopped down for fuel & building materials or knocked down by flooding and disease.  Many species along the river have left or died because the current trees provide no value for wildlife.

This sounds like a job for....(dun dun dun-dun) Chad Pregracke!

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Living Lands & Waters is hosting a Million Tree Project  where they'll be weed pulling so their oak saplings can grow and thrive.

Friday, June 26th @ 9-12PM

Tuesday, June 30th @ 9-12PM

Wednesday, July 1st @ 9-12PM

This event will take place at Living Lands & Waters Tree Nursery 6000 Eastern Ave, Davenport, Iowa.  They'll be requiring social distancing.  Good news there is plenty of room to spread out.  Bring the kids out & maybe a kneeling pad to save your knees.


Living Lands & Waters seeks to protect all of its crew and volunteers from careless exposure to the novel COVID-19. To ensure the safety of all participates, please follow these extra safety tips and precautions while preparing for the event, as well as the date(s) of the event you signed up for.

  • Remain 6 ft. away from other volunteer parties 
  • Bring your own face mask
  • Bring your own water, sunscreen, bug spray, working gloves, and anything else you may need while volunteering (sunglasses, extra water, knee pad, etc.)
  • Complete the required Waiver form, which you can find below. NO hard copies will be provided at event. 
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