I'll say it. The weather in the Quad Cities this January has been downright miserable. The misery culminated this week when the Quad Cities broke the temperature for our all time low temperature Wednesday. Followed by another four inches of snow yesterday. That snow, by the way, set the all time January snow record in the Quad Cities. This according to Ourquadcities.com.

The previous all time snow record was set in 1979 when the Quad Cities received 26.7 inches of snow. When you total in last night's snow the Quad Cities received 28.8 inches of snow this January. Thus the new record.

What's made it a miserable January weather wise is everything that's happened. We got two significant storms that blew in over a couple of weekends. Some spotty snowy days that just added to what was already on the ground. Then we got the polar vortex rollin' in last weekend. Did I mention it snowed again? Yes, both Friday and Saturday. And it snowed more than they were predicting it would. Then the bitter cold. And right when that was relenting we got four more inches of snow. Oh, and I haven't mentioned the many gray dreary days we experienced this month.

There's a part of me that will be proud to say I lived through a record setting January in the Quad Cities. Just as there's part of me that's proud to say I experienced the Blizzard of '79 in Chicago. And a freak foot of snow that paralyzed Lubbock, Texas in 2016.

However, right now I'm tired of worrying about my dog's paws being too cold on our walks. Whether or not my car will start. Whether or not I can get to Chicago to visit some friends or family. The good news, I may not have to worry about any of it this weekend. Local 4 News Pinpoint Forecast says it'll be 42 tomorrow, 45 Sunday and 50 on Monday. Of course, we might get snow on Tuesday.

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