Who would have guessed that Iowa could be a place to find old hidden treasures? This strange opportunity to find a lost treasure all starts with Bonnie and Clyde.

Some sources go on to say,

One of the most famous treasures in the history of Iowa is the lost, stolen loot of Bonnie and Clyde. The infamous robbers hid in a forest a few miles north of Dexter, Iowa.

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The iconic due terrorized Iowa in 1934, barely avoiding capture while many members of their gang weren’t so lucky. The gang was known as the Barrow gang.

The infamous robbery took place in Stuart Iowa. The First National Bank was the one that got hit by the gang, but all did not go according to plan.

In the end, the Barrow gang was tracked to Dexter Iowa. While Bonnie and Clyde did escape, several members of the gang were captured or killed. You can see more here.

Iowa's Lost Treasure

People speculated that the gang buried most of their stolen loot to prevent the police from catching them... that idea didn't really work out. But the money was never found.

After the iconic robbery, authorities believed the money was stored somewhere around the nearby Raccoon River. According to Only In Your State, as of now attempts to turn it up found nothing.

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Whether or not the money is still good is very debatable.. if it was close to the water then it easily could have been destroyed, but others believe it can still be found.

Is it still waiting out there today? That depends on what condition it's in, but many treasure hunters in the Dexter area are no doubt keeping their eyes open.

What do you think?

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