I'm still not used to our local law enforcement USING social media much less being FUNNY on social media, so this post caught my attention.

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The Moline Police Department wants you to know a few things before you cross the Iowa bound span of the I-74 Bridge when it opens.

Quad Citians are excited the Iowa bound span of the I-74 bridge is going to open this Friday after work began on two years ago. Apparently there has been speculation there might be some kind of prize or accolade to the first one to cross the newly opened span and drivers wanting to be first in line to cross the bridge.

Here's what the Moline PD had to say about it.

There is no prize for being first across the bridge, so don't line up like it's some Black Friday special for a discounted Rachel Ray pots and pan set.

That's kinda funny. The next sentence is pretty funny too.

Seriously there are no plans to rename the I-74 River Bridge after the first person who crosses it, there will be no fame in it so don't try to line up and supervise the crews while they work.

Honestly, I pay more attention to our local law enforcement when they get real with us and throw in some humor. Moline PD wants you to obey the speed limit too.

....remember this isn't the Autobahn

there is a speed limit and it is 55mph. You can try the "9 your fine 10 your mine," theory of speeding but if you get caught our tickets are expensive and everyone will see you getting a ticket.


Oh damn. Sh!t just got real. Ok, we get it. No speeding.....even though we're extra excited about driving on the new pavement and not having to take that silly U-turn.

Here's the complete post in case you missed it.

Who says Friday the 13th's are supposed to be scary and filled with bad luck?

The long awaited Iowa span will be...

Posted by Moline Police Department on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

They even give a nod and a head's up to the Bettendorf Police Department that basically says if you try to get away with speeding the Bettendorf PD will be at the exit waiting for you. Well played, ...well played.


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