If you've ever listened to US 104.9 on Sunday morning you may be surprised at the music you hear. It's an hour of original, and local country stars here in the Midwest. We have been so lucky to spotlight so many talented artists including our friend and QC native Monica Austin.

Now we here at US 104.9 and the Midwest Country Morning Show are proud to announce a whole new way to celebrate these local stars with the Midwest CMO Fall Tour!

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When we call ourselves your local station we mean it, and now we've got three amazing shows here in the Midwest starting this October. Get ready for the Midwest CMO Fall Tour!

About The Event

  • 3 Full Bands
  • 3 Top notch venues
  • 3 separate nights
  • 3 different states with One Tour
  • AND OF COURSE All original music!

The three artists are Luke Hendrickson, Gregg Hall & The Wrecking Ball, AND the Quad Cites' very own Monica Austin. Each artist will "Headline" when they are in their respective hometown and then "open" for the others while they are away!

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Dates & Locations

Thursday, Oct 20th at Wildwood Saloon, Iowa City, Iowa

Friday, Oct 21st at Pure Rock Studios, Rochester, MN
Saturday, Oct 22nd at The Main, LaCrosse, WI

Each show will start at 7 P.M. with a $10 cover at the door.

This event is the perfect way to show your support to local artists in Midwest, and to hear some awesome original country! It's the Midwest CMO Fall Tour with US 104.9.

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