Car break-ins happen a lot. The most common is petty theft with kids, and criminals checking your doors. Door checkers just walk up to cars and check to see if the doors are unlocked. If your doors are unlocked you can kiss your stuff goodbye. I personally had this happen earlier last week.

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Brian Jackson

This story is weird. We always lock our doors, but on a warm day in December, we cleaned out our cars. Took everything out. Somehow after this cleaning, my Girlfriend and I both forgot to lock our doors.

What Was Stolen...

Both my car and my girlfriend's cars were checked. All our doors were shut, but not fully shut. The door notification is what made us realize something was wrong.

Thankfully nothing of value was in our cars. It is important to remember never to leave valuables in your car. Nothing was stolen that we could see from my girlfriend's car.

It took me a second to realize that my coat was gone. I left it in my car on a warm day and then poof it was stolen... still the worst thing taken. Something I'll truly miss.

A full pack of Oreos. That's right the animals stole my road snack! The Oreos I just bought.

Clearly, we got lucky. But it is important to remember that petty theft and door checking happen in many areas and to always lock your car doors and never to leave valuables in your car.

Car thief, car theft

Stay safe and protect your Oreos! Also for the holidays remember that keeping gifts in your car to hide them isn't a good idea. Don't keep anything meaningful to you in your vehicle.

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