This was a rough year at The Stage household as far as buying presents for the kids for Christmas.  They are at that age where the girl (13 years old) wants clothes and the boy (9 years old) wants video games.

I've accepted that my daughter is growing up and has moved on from kiddie stuff.  But my 9 year old still DOES enjoy toys.  He just prefers Fortnight to Legos.

I reached out on my Facebook page asking for ideas because I didn't feel unwrapping a vBucks (virtual gaming money) would have the same effect on him as unwrapping my WWF Wrestling figures did when I was his age.  I wanted him to be excited and use his imagination like I did.

 A new study found most children only play with a maximum of 20 toys.  Any more than that is overkill.  They looked at kids between three and 12 years old.  Once they're older than that, they're mostly just playing video games.


80% of kids under 13 only played with 20 of the toys they have, or less.  That includes 44% who only use five to ten . . . and 15% who play with less than five of their toys.

So, needless to say we're making a few trips to Goodwill. We'll keep the special ones.  We'll hang onto the Marvel 8 inch action figures because if nothing else...they look cool on his bookshelf.  Maybe when he's my age he'll dig them out of my attic and get nostalgic and give them to his kids.

But probably not. He'll more than likely sell them on eBay to get more vBucks.

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