It was an emotional weekend for one major musical act.

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The Iowa State Fair is known for three things:

1. Mouthwatering food

2. The Butter Cow

3. Tremendous concerts

Fair officials are back this year with some of the best performers across every single genre. You can check out more details on all of the happenings at the Iowa State Fair here.

Iowa State Fair Returns After A Year Off Due To COVID-19 Pandemic
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Running from August 11th to the 21st, means you better ready yourself for a wide assortment of delicious foods on a stick as well as concerts.

For more details about these concerts and how they are selling, you can check out a story done about these numbers here. On Sunday, August 14th a pop star took to the Midwestern stage for the first time in 4 years.

If you were a fan of the early to mid 2000s era of Disney then you probably know the name Demi Lovato. She has since become a bonified star with two Grammy nominations as well as seven studio albums under her belt.


Her eighth album HOLY FVCK is set to drop on August 19th, and fans are already eager for this new musical chapter in Demi's life. As a treat at the Des Moines concert, Lovato performed just a few released and unreleased song from the record.

The pop singer performed 'Substance,' 'Skin of My Teeth,' and '29;' the latter track has not been released to the public yet. It also has gone viral on social media for its juicy subject matter.

Only the first verse has been heard by the public, and dang is it a juicy!

"Finally twenty-nine!

Funny just like you were at the time.

Thought it was a teenage dream,

Just a fantasy, but was it yours or was it mine?

Seventeen! Twenty-nine!"

The song is in reference to Lovato's long-term relationship with actor Wilmer Valderrama who is twelve years her senior. They first got together when she was...

You guessed it!

Seventeen and he was twenty-nine!

The full version of the song features incriminating lyrics like;

"Numbers told you not to, but that didn't stop you..."

"I see you're quite the collector..."

The twenty-nine year old is back on tour after nearly four years. With the pandemic and her own issues she has worked on, it's nice to see Demi Lovato back up on stage.

The 'Confident' singer suffers from addiction and mental health issues, which she has admitted to working tirelessly on over the past few years.

In the summer of 2018, Lovato overdosed and has been in and out of recovery ever since. She marked both her return to touring and the beginning of her new tour with two shows in the Midwest.

Her first stop of this 32 show tour was in Springfield, Illinois at the Illinois state fair. The next evening she made her way to the SUPERIOR fair in Des Moines. After this weekend, Lovato will put touring on pause for a week and a half to promote the release of her new album.

So, the next time the singer takes to the stage, she'll have a whole new body of work.

At the beginning of her show, Demi Lovato shared her excitement about the new project which drops around her birthday.

Coincidentally, she shared that her show at the Iowa State Fair would be her last show that she'd ever do in her 20s! Lovato's next shows will be in Brazil at the end of August.

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