I got my first shot today.

I thought it might be months before I could get my COVID-19 vaccine, but as more sites and appointments opened up, I got online and scored a spot. My experience was a positive one. Let me tell you about it.

A week ago while I was on vacation, I took a break from the beach and logged on to my medical provider's patient portal. I was pleasantly surprised to find appointments available for April 1 and chose a time for my shot at the Genesis Heath System's vaccine site at the former Dick's Sporting Goods on Elmore Ave. in Davenport.

Tami/Townsquare Media

I read my confirmation email from Genesis telling me to eat a little something before my appointment, arrive 15 minutes early and bring my ID and insurance card. I arrived at the site along with my partner and a steady amount of socially distanced vaccine seekers.

Tami/Townsquare Media

We were greeted by a friendly person who gave us a form to complete and we waited 2 minutes for our number to be called. Our second stop was to set up our next shot date and time and confirm our patient information. Then each of us went to separate vaccine stations and rolled up our sleeves. The friendly medical professional asked, 'which arm?' and proceeded to give my right arm a poke. I got the Pfizer today.

Tami/Townsquare Media

After the injection, the medical provider gave me a sticker to wear stating the time I could leave the site after my 15 minute wait and gave me my vaccine card. I went to another location to wait my 15 minutes.

Tami/Townsquare Media

I waited 15 minutes to ensure I wouldn't have a negative reaction to the vaccine. That's where I met back up with my significant other and we snapped a selfie.

Tami and partner/Townsquare Media

The entire process lasts about 20 minutes. The shot was pretty painless and although I felt a little dizzy for a few minutes, I'm feeling just fine now. My whole experience was very positive and everyone I encountered was helpful friendly and informative. I'd highly recommend it. Oh, and in case you were wondering....I'm a Rolling Stones fan. :-)

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