104.9 had its debut appearance at the Aaron Watson concert last night at The Rust Belt and let me tell you, it was a great time

The Rust Belt was originally an automobile manufacturing plant in the early 1900s but it has since evolved into an incredible venue for the Quad Cities. Accommodating nearly 4,000 people, The Rust Belt welcomes all.

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Before Watson took to the stage, I was given the opportunity to introduce the opener band for the night, Brushville! This band blends four incredible musicians with unbelievable harmonies in their explosive stage presence.


For those of you who don’t know, Watson has achieved success completely on his own terms and hand-built his career through songwriting, relentless touring, and more than a dozen self-released albums. That’s right, Watson has never signed a record deal with anyone, he is entirely self-made! Seeing him live at The Rust Belt right here in the Quad Cities was unreal and it was amazing to meet all of his fans and supporters. Watson performed his hit song “Dog Tags” which was inspired by his veteran father and took the opportunity to recognize all veterans in the audience making sure they knew his appreciation for their service.

Overall, it was an incredible experience full of amazing music and even better company. I personally cannot wait for the opportunity to spend more time at The Rust Belt and I hope to see you there! We’ll be set up in the big red tent, see you soon QC!

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