I can relate to this. There are days I'd say to myself and my kids, "My Name is NOT Mom!" after being asked for something over and over again. But this tour isn't about me. It's about a group of comedic moms who come together to share the joys of motherhood.

Comedians, moms, and celebrated internet stars Tiffany Jenkins (“Juggling the Jenkins”), Meredith Masony (“That's Inappropriate”) and Dena Blizzard (“One Funny Mother”) join together for the first time to bring fans a night of laughs in the live comedy event “My Name Is NOT Mom,” Friday, October 22, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. at the Paramount Theatre in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Tickets will go on sale Friday, August 13th at 10:00 a.m. online at CREventsLive.com and in person at the Paramount Theatre ticket office at 123 3rd Ave SE in Cedar Rapids. Tickets are $59, $49, $35 and $29.

“My Name Is NOT Mom” is a hilarious journey through motherhood where fans can lighten up and let loose with the ladies who got them through the pandemic. Boasting a combined social following of over 12 million and after helping scores of moms get through quarantine, the comedic trio will share their take on mothering through the sleepless nights of the toddler years, the trials of middle school madness, and an occasional temptation to physically attack their high schoolers. The unique live event will feature stand-up, stories, and videos from the online community and audience interaction to create an up-close and personal experience that will leave fans laughing the night away. 

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“My Name Is NOT Mom” powerhouses of comedy were united by their common approach of being honest about motherhood. No matter where you are on your motherhood journey, every mom has felt the stab of being called “Mom!” forty-six times a day.

Discover how laughter has helped these moms raise (mostly, but not all the time) great kids, all while maintaining some sense of themselves. For those who might have been locked up for over a year and for anyone who is finally due for a night out with girlfriends, this show is a must-see. Audience members will have a chance to join in the live show and find out more information on participating, along with ticket and updated show information here

Here's a little bit more about the 'moms.'

Tiffany Jenkins is the funny lady behind "Juggling the Jenkins". She has over 7 million followers across all platforms and counting! Tiffany is a wife, mother, best-selling author, content creator, and recovering addict. Although best known for her funny viral parenting videos, Tiffany is incredibly passionate about bringing awareness to addiction and mental illness.  Tiffany believes the women share the same outlook when it comes to the necessity of incorporating humor into parenting because if we aren't laughing, then we will cry. A lot. Follow Tiffany on Instagram @jugglingthejenkins and on Facebook @jugglingthejenkins1.

Meredith Masony is a wife to one, a mother to three, and is the emotional support person to two dogs. Meredith has over 4 million followers across social media platforms as a result of her unfiltered and somewhat chaotic parenting journey. Life isn't supposed to be easy, but at least we can find the funny. Meredith, Dena, and Tiffany have found friendship due to their similar take on life, comedy, and doing their best to stay out of jail…because kids, and well, husbands. Follow Meredith on Facebook at @meredithmasony and on Instagram @thats_inappropriate.

Dena Blizzard is a comedian, mother of three, and creator of "One Funny Mother," an Off-Broadway show and media company dedicated to celebrating wine, women, and laughing 'til your face hurts.  She is also a viral video star widely known for her "Back to School Rant" (96 M) and Chardonnay Go (24M), which is now a board game for "Wine Lovers, Moms, and Other Shameless People.”   Dena enjoys making videos about the plight of women and drinking wine on the internet. Her daily Facebook Live show, One Funny Morning, has over 25K daily viewers, and she enjoys eating gluten-free lasagna. Follow Dena on Twitter @OneFunnyMother, on Instagram @onefunnymother and on Facebook @onefunnymother.

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