After a two-week break, Journey's tour with Def Leppard resumes tonight at Boston's Fenway Park, and Neal Schon is asking fans for help. He is claiming that security at venues are harassing his wife when she has tried to film his guitar solos.

On July 29, the day after the last stop on the previous leg, he wrote on Instagram and Twitter, "Hello dear fans. Like to thank you for your continued support. God bless my wife, Michaele. It seems that after being out here continually for 9 years with me that’s she’s now been harassed for the 2nd time by Live Nation hired Security for shooting my solos... So after this short break when we come back out to continue the 3rd leg of our tour with Def Leppard plz if you see her shooting video for me if You see any strange activity, film it and send it to us."

Schon said that he has considered hiring a private security detail, but was told that he couldn't. He repeated the request last night, embedding a photo of her with the caption, "Journey family member, Neal Schon's wife." "If anyone seeing anything disturbing with security on my side of the stage - your right plz - take out cell and video it," he wrote. "Unfortunately some still do not know she’s my wife... thank u all."

Fans have been supportive of Schon's effort, saying that they've noticed other wives recording the show, to which Schon said it was "odd" that Michaele is being "singled out" for reasons on which he did not elaborate. One fan even offered to make and wear a sandwich board with Michaele's picture to let security know to leave her alone.

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