Every year I struggle to find just the right Halloween costume. Scrolling through websites, and searching Pinterest for just the right one can wear you out.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could just answer a few questions on a website and have that site decide for you? By George, I think we have it!

Here's a website called Frightgeist with Google. Answer a few easy questions and the site will suggest the best costume for you. 

Once you're there, click on the 'Costume Wizard' button at the top left of the web page. From there choose the level of spookiness you want, whether you want a classic or modern style costume, then choose if you want a costume that has a local or national trend.

The final question is a unique meter. You can choose from 0% (not unique at all) to 100% unique. 

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I chose a 50% spookiness level with a classic style and a national trend with 97% unique-ness. And the result was......a bank robber. Ok, not the best fit for me and not incredibly unique so I tried again.

I adjusted my level of spookiness and dialed back the unique-ness a bit and got 'Draculara,' which I interpreted as a hot, female, Dracula. Definitely a costume I could work with.

Once you're on the website, you can see what costumes are trending across the country. If you already know you want to be you can click on the costume name and see how unique it is in your area. 

For example, did you know a rabbit costume is searched the most in Davenport, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque and Waterloo? So there's a good chance if you're going to party you'll see other rabbits there.

rabbit costume

Some of the costume suggestions are a bit 'out there.' During one more search I got Demogorgon and learned there's a very low chance I'll see that one at a party.

Remember, you'll need a costume for the Dwyer & Michael's Halloween Costume Ball at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, October 30. The best costume could get you a nice $2000 prize.

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