Hard to image not liking an Oreo cookie. Now you can debate on the best way to eat them. Screw them apart and eat the filling first, or just biting right through or occasionally stuffing the entire thing in your cookie hole. Debate how to eat them but few debate that they were a great food invention.

Now according to a story reported on by our news partner WQAD TV a new flavor of Oreo is hitting the local grocery stores today. Firework is the newest flavor and according to the story those who have tried it say it tastes a lot like the 80's candy, Pop Rocks.

Oreo has also announced that the search is on for it's next flavor concoction. According to the WQAD story creating the idea for the next Oreo flavor could earn you a cool $500,000. I would settle for a lifetime supply of Double Stuffs.

Lawsuit Seeks To Ban Oreo Cookies In California
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