About four years ago, Food Network's 'Restaurant Impossible' rolled into my neighborhood in Rock Island to tape an episode at Goombazz on 18th Avenue.  Whatever issues led to the Food Network show being called in, those issues didn't disappear after the show aired, and the restaurant soon closed. The space has remained empty for the past four years... until now.

An all-you-can-eat buffet called Spago's will soon open in that location at 2704 18th Avenue.

Published reports say the new venue is being helmed by a former Ryan's Buffet employee named David Walz. According to OurQuadCities.com, Spago's will be a fresh American food buffet.  There will be a salad bar, a variety of hot American food and a pizza bar.

Walz hopes to have the new restaurant open by the end of the Summer.

I look forward to having a buffet just down the street from my house, and seeing an empty store front thriving in my neighborhood.

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