One of the saddest and most annoying things about scams, and spam calls is that they take advantage of tragedies, and natural disasters.

A long running scam is the COVID-19 call, or email where they send you a link telling you a friend tested positive for Covid and that you need to click their link. Just a heads up, DON'T CLICK THAT LINK!

It seems as though some new scams may start hitting us harder. There's already been some tree scams. There's also been storm scams, but this new one is mean.

The call claims to be the city, or apart of law enforcement saying you have to pay a fine for not cleaning up your yard. They will claim to know where you live and possible threaten legal action. It is best to just hang up immediately, and contact your local authorities, and check in with them if this claim is true.

Scam calls are mean, and hard to notice sometimes. Make sure you always question who's on the other line, and stay safe QC.

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