I love going to the Zoo. So far this year I have already visited the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. and just last week the Denver Zoo. I can spend hours staring at the magnificent animals and also enjoy watching how children are delighted and surprised to see them in person. I tend to collect a stuffed animal that represents my favorite animal of the day at that particular zoo. I have a stuffed panda from the National Zoo and a giraffe from the Denver Zoo where a mother was still taking very close care of an infant.

Since I have lived here just about a year and last summer was very busy with moving and all I did not make it out to the Niabi Zoo but can tell you as a Zoo lover I had heard of it's excellent reputation before ever relocating here.

So like I have done with so many things since my arrival in QCA, I am asking you for some advice. What do you think the best thing is about the Niabi Zoo?  I'm pretty sure I want to do the giraffe experience since they are one of my favorite animals but clue me in on what else I don't want to miss.

Appreciate your help and hopefully will see you at the Zoo this summer.


Baby Giraffe Born In Himeji Central Park
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