I remember my first trip to Niabi Zoo. I spent most of my time watching Kathy Sha-Boom the elephant and the lions. I think the lions were my favorite and it was extra special if they roared during a visit.

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Niabi Zoo staff announced yesterday the 17-year- old African female lion, Nala has been euthanized. She had been living with bone cancer. Here's what the Niabi Zoo director said according to OurQuadCities.com:

This is never an easy decision. The zookeeper staff, veterinary team, and managers in the end had to consider her welfare and best quality of life,” said Niabi Zoo Director,  Lee Jackson. "That she could reach such an advanced age is a testament to the level of care afforded to Nala and all the animals at the Niabi Zoo, and to the tireless dedication of our keeper, and veterinary staffs.

According to NationalGeographic.org, in the wild, a lion's life expectance is about 12-16 years. Lions in captivity can live into their 20s.

Nala had come to Niabi zoo when she was 18 months old. Niabi zoo has a second female lion, 18-year-old Savanna. Nala will be missed.

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