How far would you go for a great burger? There is a General Store that reportedly has one of the best burgers in the entire state of Illinois. The great state has a lot of small towns that you may not have heard of, and maybe you have passed through this small town before.

This great store is located in Martinsville Illinois, and is definitely worth the stop.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

According to many who have tried this spot... it is worth the drive.

Where Is The Best Burger?

next time you find yourself in Martinsville Illinois you need to check out the Moonshine Store. The Moonshine Store opened its doors in 1912. "Only In Your State" reports that it was one of the first general stores in Illinois and like the others provided provisions to the surrounding community.

The family-owned store has been run by the Tuttle family for two generations now after it was purchased from the previous owner in 1982.

At the Moonshine Store, you can pick up a variety of provisions and merchandise. Oh and don't forget the burgers. It is an icon of the area.

The Moonshine Burger has made this place an unlikely destination

The Moonshine Store

With a proud history and a loyal fanbase, this spot is worth checking out. The site goes on to say,

Located in the country of Martinsville, IL, it's often considered a journey to find us. People from all over the United States come to us to try our world-famous Moonshine Burger.

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