Paul McCartney’s upcoming project is titled “Egypt Station,” he’s finally made clear – but fans continue to speculate on what form it might take.

While the Beatles icon had previously said he was planning to release an album in 2018 – and last week unveiled a new track, "Come On to Me," in concert that presumably appears on it – he hasn’t yet said whether that’s what “Egypt Station” is.

He previously used the title on a painting, and social media commentators noted that the teaser images appeared to make use of background elements of the artwork. His most recent tease was a 10-second video that presents the title in an album-shaped design, leading one fan to create his own take on how it might look if it really is the follow-up to 2013’s New.

You can see the clip below.

In a printed page posted by another fan, McCartney discussed his painting, saying he’d been inspired by ancient Egyptian imagery. “Why I called it ‘Egypt Station’ was because it looked like a station, like train lines at the bottom, and underneath that, the edge of the platform," he explained.

Among the many images McCartney has posted recently, a rough sketch appearing to look like a pyramid in front of the sun could also be interpreted as a railway line going into a tunnel. A fuller version of the concept appeared in later work.

McCartney’s “Carpool Karaoke” appearance shot in Liverpool last week with James Corden is to be aired on The Late Late Show this week.


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