Joshua Hawkins was driving along in Peoria, when he struck a possum, or more like a possum struck him.

The dashcam footage that he shared shows himself driving along, and right at about the 8 second mark, a blur moving at the carwash can be seen coming toward the road.

As the blur comes into focus, it's easily made out to be a hawk carrying a possum.

Joshua Hawkins

The hawk, startled by the face he was about to be like the bug on a windshield, dropped the possum and took off.

Making full contact, the possum slams into the car, front and center into the hood and windshield.

Possibly the greatest screenshot of all time came from the video, which Joshua shared to his Facebook page.

Joshua Hawkins

Check out the full video here:

Never, have I seen anything as horrific, and therefore hilarious, as hitting a possum because a hawk dropped it on your car.

You might recognize Josh's name, and that'd be because he's the house artist at Studio 606. His most well known piece created a buzz when he painted a "Commie Cookie Monster" on the side of a business.

He'd been hired by the owner, or so he thought, only to get a call from the business' actual owner, who was pissed about the painting.

Check Out: The Story of Peoria's Short Lived Cookie Monster Mural

Joshua Hawkins via Facebook

The whole story was wild and hilarious from start to end, especially since he'd met and had lunch with the first guy who paid him to paint the side of the building.

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