If Illinois passes this new bill into law so many people in this state would be celebrating.

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According to our good friends at KHQA in an article on their website, there is a bill, that  has been proposed, that would allow more renters in Illinois to have pets inside of their apartments. In the article on KHQA.com they say...

"Senate Bill 154 would allow tenants to have at least two common household pets in their residence, regardless of the animal's breed, size, or weight...the legislation addresses a problem for renters who may have to give away or surrender their pet to a shelter because their pet is prohibited under their landlord's policy."

Read the full article from KHQA just by clicking here! 

I am a renter with a dog, and I fully support this law and more like it. Dogs and cats are such a part of peoples lives, and with shelters over flowing in some areas of the United States these pets need people. I have lived in the same apartment for the two years I have lived in Quincy just because there are so few places that allow you to rent with a dog or cat. Now I know this bill doesn't directly impact that problem, but it does help for the people who have pit bulls or other breeds that have been deemed "aggressive" or for people with multiple pets. Owning a home isn't a possibility for a lot of Americans like myself, and for all of us renters out there who want to have animals in our lives we should have that ability to do so.

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