We all know about the game of "dibs." It is usually seen as a childhood game to get something. It is defined as,

The right to share or choose something.

This usually leads to one getting something they wanted first by calling said dibs. People try this to save parking spots in big cities, and sometimes it works.

Honestly, anything is used at this point.

It has gotten to a point where it appears that officials are stepping in. Multiple cities are taking a stand. Chicago is one of those spots. According to the Chicago Sun Times,

City workers will begin clearing the streets along their daily garbage routes, the Department of Streets and Sanitation said in a statement. Crews will pay special attention to 311 requests.

It appears that trash crews will begin picking up said items and removing them. There are a lot of different opinions on this decision with many supporting it, and others saying they just want their "dibs."

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What do you think? Do people have a right to call dibs at parking spots in their area, or does that public space belong to the saying "first come first serve?"

It appears that Dibs, for parking spots at least, will be coming to an end in many areas, but who knows maybe a new childhood game will make a comeback for these spots.

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