A few days ago, I posted a pic of a Whitey's shake calling it "training" for a video segment I'm going to begin soon. The segment will be my quest to find, with your help, the Quad Cities Best Milkshake.

Within a day, I received almost three dozen comments from passionate ice cream aficionados taking sides over who had the best ice cream in the Quad Cities - Whitey's or Country Style. Both are homegrown delicacies with more in common than would think.

Both were started by the same man - Chester “Whitey” Lindgren (the Whitey's website says he got the nickname because of his white-blonde hair.) He began making his now legendary Whitey's ice cream in Moline in 1933, and owned the company until 1953.

According to the Country Style website, in 1947, when Whitey's brother Wayne Lindgren showed an interest in the ice cream business, the brothers collaborated to produce a quality soft-serve mix. Wayne opened the first Country Style store on 23rd Avenue and 43rd Street in Moline.

It wasn't long after that both companies had a location, side by side, at 16th Street and 23rd Avenue (now Avenue of the Cities) in Moline, where they remain today.

Some folks prefer Whitey's traditional ice cream. Some prefer Country Style's soft-serve ice cream. So, I decided to put it to a vote.

Which do you prefer?

Vote now... or head out and taste either as many times as you need to before coming to a decision. I'll understand.

- Craig

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