There's another favorite QC restaurant joining the long list of places to eat at the TBK Sports Complex in Bettendorf.

I was actually on my way to meet a friend for a beer and saw this sign along my way.

Flips Pancake House
Flips Pancake House/TBK Sports Complex/Townsquare Media photo

It says, "Flips Pancake House Opening Soon." So I immediately reached out to the folks at Flips in Moline to get the details.

I could tell whoever responded to me on Messenger was busy creating delicious pancakes and other breakfast yumminess because the response was short and sweet. It said,

We're planning on opening mid-August

Cool, I said, 'will you have the same menu as your restaurant in Moline and can a post a few of your food photos?'

Again, busy flipping the Flips pancakes, they said,

It’s going to be very similar like the one we have in Moline the menu. you can go ahead and post it

Well, alright I will. The reviews for the pancakes are excellent, but you can see they serve more than just flap jacks.

Flips Pancake House/Facebook photo
Flips Pancake House/Facebook photo
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I mean, come on.

Flips Pancake House/Facebook photo
Flips Pancake House/Facebook photo

Until the Bettendorf location opens, you can taste their food at the Flips in Moline. They're at 4100 27th St, Moline. You can scroll through photos on Flips social media page.

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