If you live in Iowa you know what tornado season is. In fact, you've most likely gone out to your porch a few times in your life to get a look at a tornado or two. Iowa is in the heart of the United States tornado region. Usally referred to as "Tornado Alley." This year you may be seeing more tornados than usual.

New reports predict a higher-than-average tornado season in Iowa.

Tornado sunset

the 2023 season is already off to a weird start with the pair of tornado touch downs in January.

The January Tornado

2023 has already been a strange year for weather. It was reported that a tornado was seen on January 16th. The report went on to say,

A large low pressure system spun northeast across Iowa on January 16, 2023 drawing mild temperatures northward into the area and sparking some showers and thunderstorms over portions of eastern Iowa. Temperatures had soared into the upper 40s to low 60s in parts of east central and southeast Iowa by early afternoon. One storm was severe producing two tornadoes between 2 PM and 3 PM CST. The first tornado touched down just northeast of Williamsburg, IA and the second one briefly touched down north of Ely, IA. Some large hail up to the size of a quarter was reported in Homestead, IA from this storm at 2:24 PM. Several other areas that the storm tracked over reported hail covering the ground.

This was the first tornado to hit Iowa in January in 56 years.

Iowa Tornados 2023

Distant Twister
Graham Moore

sources say that the primary contributor to this active season is the end of the La Niña weather phenomenon, which may lead to more severe weather in the United States. 

As of right now, there is no guarantee of a terrible season, but a lot of predictions for a rough season altogether are on the table for Iowa. With flooding, tornado, and severe weather predictions, Iowa's weather trackers will be on the ball, tracking severe weather and alerting residents of the area of said weather this year.

Stay safe Iowa.

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