Some Davenport residents were understandably ticked off when their cars got towed during last week's snow emergencies. Some even claimed they were unaware of the snow emergency. With another possible storm on the way I have a list of links that will help you sign up for alerts from the major cities in our region. These alerts aren't just limited to snow emergencies either.

  • The City of Davenport has a variety of notifications you can sign up for, and a variety of ways to get notified. You can learn more at the City of Davenport's website here.
  • The City of Rock Island uses a text or email alert system called "Notify Me". Rock Island has it set up so that  you can get alerts, news and announcements, calendar events and more. You can learn more at Rock Island's website here.
  • Moline also uses the text / email alert system called "Notify Me". They offer alerts, as well as news and calendar reminders from many of the Cities departments. Learn more at Moline's website here.
  • East Moline is another city that uses the "Notify Me" system. They've got it set up so you can access alerts, news, calendar events, even agendas for different city boards. Learn more at East Moline's website here.

I didn't find a way to sign up for alerts from the City of Bettendorf. If it's there it's pretty well hidden. They do have this handy web page devoted to residents responsibilities in the winter months. You can check that out here.

Best practice, check your towns website and Facebook pages to keep yourself updated about any news and information your town needs you to know. With snow on the way, tonight might be a good night to start!

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