As a guy, I honestly know nothing about flowers. I also had no idea that different colors and kinds of flowers symbolize different things. I asked my girlfriend to help me out on this one, so If you’re planning on getting your partner flowers this Valentine’s Day, keep reading!

Here are a few of the most popular flowers given on Valentine’s Day and the hidden meanings behind them, good and bad.


Roses are the quintessential Valentine’s Day flower and the original red roses are actually known as “the lover’s flower”, cute right? White roses signify humility and innocence; yellow roses are attributed to joy; pink roses represent gratitude, appreciation, and admiration, and purple roses symbolize enchantment and wonder. No matter what color you pick, roses are always a safe bet you can never go wrong with.


Carnations have a wide variety of meanings and there are a few colors you don’t want to give anyone on Valentine’s Day, the first being pink. Usually, this color is reserved for Mother’s Day as they symbolize a mother’s, undying love. Red carnations are the way to go since they represent admiration, deep love, and affection and white carnations are a good choice too as they symbolize love and good luck. But, beware of striped or yellow carnations which signify refusal and rejections. The odds of your partner knowing that are slim, but now you know, so who knows!

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These beautiful flowers come in a full range of colors, all of them being safe except yellow which represents slighted love which is not exactly ideal for a romantic gesture. White and red petals however symbolize loyalty and love and would be a perfect choice for this Valentine’s Day.


Giving daffodils is said to guarantee happiness as the flower represents rebirth, charm, devotion, and unconditional love. They are a great choice to add to any bouquet or they can be given as a stand-alone bouquet, it’s up to you! But, don’t even give just one in your bouquet—single daffodil stems represent misfortune.

Maybe these are just superstitions but I wouldn’t test my luck. Plus, now a bouquet isn’t just a bunch of flowers that look nice, it’s a bunch of flowers that look nice with a romantic meaning. Keep these in mind next time you’re out flower shopping QC!

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