Many bars and restaurants are closed and their staff is out of work. Musicians don't have venues to play and many make their living playing. Now they're out of work too. Local restaurants, bars, clubs, musicians and service industry workers are hurting right now, and here's how we can help.

Local musician and music educator, Don Gustofson has created a Facebook group called QC Hive whose goal is to raise money for local out of work restaurant staff, bartenders, musicians and business owners. The "hive" metaphor is described here:

"Imagine every bee in a hive helping just one bee. Here at QC HIVE that is exactly what we do. Every day we select one bar/musician/artist and come together to help them. Imagine if thousands of people donated just $1. That can make a huge impact for an individual or business.

How to participate: 1) Donate $1 to the recipient of the day. 2) Share posts. 3) Invite and challenge others to participate. That's it! Please join us in helping those in our community."

A new business or musician is nominated every day and the donations go directly to that person/business directly via PayPal, Venmo, Cash App. If you'd like to donate or nominate a person or business go here.

Today's business is Duey's Corner Tap, Port Byron.

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