In case you you weren't aware, Donovan Gustofson has been offering the chance to help out musicians, bars, servers and more during this COVID shutdown. This is a great chance to show support for members of our community without it costing you too much.  $1 is all they ask.  If you can do more...that's amazing, but $1 is also pretty incredible.

Now with the protests happening he's shifted gears a bit to another fantastic cause.

QC Hive is sponsoring The Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center in Rock Island. They do wonderful things there for our youth.
For PayPal or credit card, click on the above link to their fb page. Then hit the blue "donate button", from there you will have the option of credit card or PayPal.
1) Donate at least $1. (More is great)
2) Share this post
3) Encourage others to donate & join
4) Type "done & shared" in the comments section below when completed

Sometimes we raise a couple hundred a day, sometimes quite a bit more. With all of the chaos & division happening now, donating for this group can bring us all together as a community.


A bit of a spin this time around.  Normally they sponsor someone for 1 day.  With this sponsorship they'll stay with it until they raise $1,000.

I would love to see that happen in a day or 2. If it takes all week, that's fine too. We will make a difference, and help to heal our small part of the world here in the Q.C. There is plenty of darkness in the world lately. WE WILL BE A LIGHT! Again, I thank all of you for taking this journey together.

-Donovan Gustofson

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