What's better than police reality shows like "Cops" and "Live PD"? When shows use dash and body cam footage. What's even better? When the show features local law enforcement from our towns. At least that's how I feel. Tomorrow, January 15, at 9:00 PM CT Investigation Discovery's show "Body Cam" will feature Buffalo Police Chief T.J. Behning's attempt to stop a man fleeing in a stolen garbage truck.

Chief Behning was seriously injured when he used stop sticks to stop the garbage truck the suspect stole to evade police. In the end the suspect lost control of the truck, it crashed into Behning's police cruiser, which then hit Behning causing his injuries. This according to WQAD.

These shows are all entertaining and a lot of us like them. Otherwise "Cops" wouldn't still be on the air, and "Live PD" wouldn't be winning it's time slot on Friday and Saturday nights. It's neat to go "behind the curtain" from our living rooms and see what being a cop is really like. They also illustrate just how difficult, and at times, how dangerous being a police officer can be. That's not worth forgetting while we're being entertained.



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