Fair and festival season is nearly over but if you didn't get your fill of deep fried treats; here's your chance. Deep fried Twinkies are on the menu and if you’ve never had one, hold onto your shorts.

Wednesday, Sept. 19, also known as Talk Like a Pirate Day, is your chance to try it for free. Just head to your local Long John Silver’s, where you’ll get a free deep fried Twinkie just for — you guessed it — talking like a pirate.

When you order, all  you have to do is give them your best pirate “Aarrrgggghhhh!” and you’ll get a free Twinkie. According to their social media page, if you dress like a pirate, you’ll also get a free fish fry. With Halloween right around the corner, it shouldn't be hard to find a pirate costume, or you can come up with your own. No purchase is necessary for the Twinkie or free fish fry. Stop by the Brady Street, Davenport location. They reopened last month after a fire closed the business last year.

If you want even more deals, Long John Silver’s will be starting a coupon club soon. Until then, they’re offering two coupons to tide you over. Just visit their website and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Will you be heading to your local Long John Silver’s and saying “aaarggh” to some free food?

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