It's all over my newsfeed. People in the Quad Cities are ready for some holiday cheer. Or maybe we all just want an end to 2020.

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Regardless of the reason, I see some of my friends have put up their Christmas trees, some boast of having finished their holiday shopping and we've even gotten requests here at the station about playing some Christmas music.

If you need some holiday cheer right now KIIK 104.9 has you covered. We've just launched our holiday music channel so you can listen to all the great holiday music anytime you want either on your desktop, phone or tablet. Just tap Holiday Music 

If you aren't quite ready for Christmas music, that's ok too. KIIK 104.9 won't be broadcasting

holiday music for awhile yet. Here's where you can find the holiday music on your desktop

Townsquare Media photo
Townsquare Media photo

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