Rock Island's very own Boetje Foods Inc., known for Dutch-styled mustard, just won first place in the 2020 World-Wide Mustard Competition

I had a chance to talk with the owner of Boetjie, Will Kropp and ask him about his experience with this competition.

The World-Wide Mustard Competition awards a gold, silver and bronze medal to the top three mustards in each category, meaning Boetje now has a gold medal. Mr. Kropp said his son, Harrison Kropp, is the mustard maker of the family.

This local business that has been around since 1889, and has made a name for themselves with their iconic condiments, winning multiple awards. Starting in 2008 when they won first place trophy, displacing the three year champ. After that they've been winning awards ever since.

When asked how he felt about winning Will kropp said,

"In times like these something like this feels like a ray of hope from up above."


The Kropp family is truly doing some great work here in the QC. There's a reason they have a five star rating. Not only are their condiments great, but their food is as well. They are also still open during these crazy times.

They are located at 2736 12th St, Rock Island, IL 61201. Let me know what you think of their iconic mustered.


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