Over the past year Quad Cities style pizza seems to have gotten on some foodies radar screen. So I didn't think it was that absurd to think Quad Cities style pizza; or one of our local pizza places might land on the list of the "101 Best Pizzas in America for 2018" in theDailyMeal.com.

Take for example a shout out Quad Cities style pizza got in Bonappetit.com in Julia Kramer's article on "the Best Pizza of 2017". We didn't make her article specifically, but she knew the pizza style. A Chicago pizza joint named Root's Handmade Pizza in Chicago that based their recipe on Quad Cities Pizza made the Washington Post's article "Why your next homemade pizza should hail from the Midwest, not New York". Then there was the USAToday.com article "Where to Try Quad Cities Style Pizza" that also gives Happy Joe's a shout out.

When it comes to pizza I'm a traditionalist. I don't like a lot of different ingredients on my pies. So it frustrates me that no Quad Cities style pizza makes the list while the following pizzas do: A wood oven roasted potato and onion pizza. A Korean barbecue pizza. Mashed potato and bacon pizza. A mustard pie pizza. A Squash blossom pizza. Brussels Sprout Pizza. And at #1 on the list, white clam pizza.

The good news, more people know about Quad Cities pizza today than they did a year ago. You can find Quad Cities pizza in places like Chicago and Minneapolis. And we can get Quad Cities style pizza or the original taco pizza from Happy Joe's anytime we want. Frankly there's a lot of great pizza in the Quad Cities. Quad Cities style, Chicago style, New York style, wood fired pizza and everything in between. That's better than a lot of cities can claim.

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