You either clicked on this article because you thought the headline was super weird and had no idea what was going on, or you're curious as to what vibes the Quad Cites gives.

As someone who lives in the Quad Cities, I'm glad to say it's not that bad. We are actually a pretty cool place, especially if you ignore the bad stuff!

Vibe Check

The original definition is as follows:

A process by which a group or individual obtains a subjective assessment of the mental and emotional state of another person, place or thing.

This recent interpretation of “vibe check” has changed thanks to the internet, basically, it's just taking a closer look at someone or something in a goofy way... checking out their vibes.

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I got the idea for this article after listening to Chris Janson's song "Good Vibes"

Or for those who don't like country I'll say I was listening to The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations"

Quad Cities Vibe Check

In short, the Quad Cities vibes are "A Proud Dirty River City" We know what we are... we don't try to brag about how great we are, we don't overrate ourselves, but we know our worth! We also know that some spots are better to avoid here than others.

We are also more than happy to joke about our five cities. For example, people in Bettendorf Iowa usually refer to themselves as "betterdorf" when comparing themselves to Davenport.

We all also joke about the fact that there are five cities in the Quad Cities... that makes sense. The Quad Cities vibes are good people who like to joke, but a lot of us are also kinda weird. We won't be pushed around, and we work hard.

Now for the city part, sadly the vibe check is a bit less nice. Some parts of the QC are very dangerous and for lack of a better word give very VERY bad vibes. The parts that aren't bad are what truly make the QC shine!

That's the QC vibe check! Learn more about vibe checks here.

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