Today I did a quick search of the Quad Cities on YouTube, and long story short...The videos are very random, and all over the place, which is fair and makes sense seeing as though the Quad Cities is very unconventional, and unlike many other areas. After some digging into these videos, I actually found myself learning a lot of fun facts.

We all love the Quad Cities, and these videos show storms, mob bosses and so much more. Honestly, it kinda makes us look cool!

5. Sets, Streets & Eats: Davenport Iowa Travel Vlog
This first one is the most comedic, and it's a lot of fun. It was also posted in 2020. It's taking another look at Davenport.

More on video:

Its a beautiful quarter of the Quad Cities located on the western border of Illinois. I visited Anime Zing downtown at the Convention Center and visited the park on Credit Island.




4. Illinois' Largest Quad City: Moline, IL 4K.
This is an educational video about Moline.


3. The Largest Quad City: Davenport, Iowa 4K.
This one was posted in 2020, and is brought to us by the same creator in spot number 4. It shows a nice drive through Davenport Iowa. It honestly does a solid job covering everything here in Davenport. I actually learned some things too.


2. Prohibition and The Quad Cities Vice Lord, John Looney
The next one was posted in 2018 by a very popular Youtuber. It is a fun history video that puts a cool spotlight on the QC and talks about John Looney, a legendary mob boss.

More on video:

The History Guy examines John Looney, who was known as "The Quad Cities Vice Lord." He was the prototype, prohibition-era mob boss in Rock Island, Illinois. It is history that deserves to be remembered.


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1. Derecho storm on video as it started complete with exploding power lines
was posted in August of 2020 and captures the storm none of us were ready for. It catches what a lot of us saw that day, and shows just how crazy Midwest weather can be.

More on Video:

 Derecho storm on video as it started complete with exploding power lines.Quad Cities, Iowa, Illinois, Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline, Rock Island. All cities were hit with over 90 mph winds and caused downed power lines like the one in this video. Damage to homes and building. One of the worst storms ever recorded. This storm occurred about 130pm on August 10th 2020.

Did you learn anything new about the Quad Cities, or is this exactly what you expected to see?

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