There seems to be a spate of businesses closing in our area. Many of those are closed because employees have tested positive for Covid-19.

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The QC Times reports Dick's Sporting Goods, Field and Stream and Galaxy Golf (both  subsidiaries of Dick's) in Davenport are closed while Dick's SouthPark location in Moline is open.

Dick's Sporting Goods website lists the stores open and closed under the Covid-19 Updates tab found here. No further information is given.

Meanwhile, several restaurants in our area have also closed after revealing employees tested positive for the coronavirus. If you follow social media, several businesses like Foundry Food and Tap in Bettendorf, Atomic Coffee, Treehouse Pub and Eatery and Baked Beer and Bread in Davenport have also closed after employees reported cases of the coronavirus.

Both Rock Island and Scott County noted upturns in cases in the past week. The Scott County Health Department says the spike in cases is predominantly linked to those in their teens and 20s.

According to the QC Times, a surge in cases is linked to more people patronizing bars and restaurants, large social gatherings and not distancing or wearing masks and washing hands enough.

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